NEW ALBUM - SPURS #2.2/Midnight Road Trip

Brand new 7-song EP, featuring two brand new Song Comic Chapters, written by T.J. Troy and illustrated by Chris McFann

Also coming in September: Run Downhill presents ISSUE #0: The Carousel Couple
Featuring art by Scott Angle, check out the very first story in RDh's ongoing "KILBOURN" saga!
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CD-Release Event

Sept. 27 - $20 includes your copy of SPURS #2.2

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SPURS #2.2

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Hatchfund Project Update:

We completed our first Hatchfund campaign earlier this year! Supporters can donate funds towards the completion of the project in exchange for rewards and perks from the band! We had over 35 supporters donate over $3000, and we feel the project speaks for itself! We are so grateful for the support our friends, families, and fans have given us, and we want to personally thank everyone who contributed to our project's success:

Nabil Azzam
Ivan Bickler
Ann Bouchy
Daniel Chodos
Marsha Connor
Monique Debose
Rebecca Elswit
Juli Emmel
Lars Gerhold
Suzanne Huddleson
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Jeremy Melton
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Jim Santi Owen
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Leda and Steve Shapiro
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David Trasoff
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Will and Jen Troy
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