The Run Downhill Daughter Chautauqua is returning to the stage this January, this time as a featured monthly series. The Daughter Chautauqua combines music, literature, art and film, alongside lecture and discussion, and is designed to bridge the gap between entertainment and lifelong education. The show is being presented as part of the 2014 Art Share Presents series. Art Share L.A. is a non-profit arts center in the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District; from a pool of over 80 applicants, the Daughter Chautauqua series was selected for inclusion within Art Share’s new programming model as a recurring monthly show, January-June 2014.

This Hatchfund project is designed to support the 6-month run of the RDh Daughter Chautauqua series, comprising Volumes 3-8. Presented on the last Thursday of each month, the Daughter Chautauqua selects a theme, and through song, story, and video, offers various interpretations of this theme amidst our contemporary society. At the centerpiece of each Daughter Chautauqua program is the folk-inspired, narrative-driven music of Run Downhill, featuring musicians Colin Burgess, Nate LaPointe, Tom Moose, and T.J. Troy. With the help of a stellar array of guest speakers, musicians, and other Los Angeles artisans, the Daughter Chautauqua is designed to engage the audience in thought and discussion beyond the doors of the venue.

Run Downhill’s music is cross-contextualized with comic book art and narrative; songs are interwoven with comic stories, screened live in video format during the show. At each monthly Daughter Chautauqua show, audiences gather to see the premiere of a new video comic work from writer John Castlerock and comic artist Quinn Salazar. These gritty stories of loss and redemption come to life on the screen, shown in Art Share’s beautiful warehouse theater, accompanied live by Run Downhill’s dark and lingering melodies.

Throughout the 6-month series, Run Downhill will premiere 4 new video works, as well as share other Song Comic works from our archives. The series culminates in June with our first-ever print edition of the Run Downhill comic book, featuring the 4 new stories from the 6-month series. Additionally, we will hold a special raffle for all June show attendees to win a limited edition print of Quinn Salazar’s artwork from the comic book.

With a minimum goal of $4,000, we can execute the minimum requirements of producing this show, such as venue/facilities fees and artist honorariums. However, with full project support of $8,800, we can fully execute all aspects of the show, including: venue/facilities fees, musician/guest artist fees, artist fees (comic book art), and the print costs associated with creating the print edition of the comic book. If overfunded, the additional funds will be put directly towards musician/artist fees and other show enhancements, as well as being dedicated to future seasons of the RDh Daughter Chautauqua program, to ensure that this program can continue.

On behalf of the many artists contributing to this project, we thank you for your generous consideration and support.